About Us

We believe that weddings should be easy and fun



In today's multimedia world of Facebook, Pinterest and shows on Bravo, couples are provided with every imaginable wedding idea under the sun.  And that leads to overwhelm.  

Do I have the right dress?  Will my custom Etsy aisle runner arrive on time?  Will my one year old niece sit nicely in the wagon my 4-year-old nephew will be pulling down the aisle? (not gonna happen)  

All of this leads to stress and panic.  Not fun for anyone, especially the couple who is supposed to be experiencing the best time of their lives.

This is where we come in.  

Brown County Weddings has a solution for your overwhelm and stress.  

We have over 15 years experience in helping couples Just Like You.  We provide cost-effective, comprehensive wedding and reception packages that won't break the bank.  Because let's face it, that is one more overwhelming, stressful part of this equation $$$$Money$$$$  Did you know that the average wedding costs $25,000!  Seriously!  That is a down payment on a house, or a new car, or a 5 star vacation around the world!  

Let's change this number, and let's start with you!

Our wedding packages bundle everything you need into a dollar amount your wallet will Smile at.  We offer everything from the Wedding Officiant, Flowers, Music, Photography, and more.  And furthermore, we offer these packages in one of the most

Beautiful places in the Midwest, Brown County Indiana.  

So, you could go on stressing over every last detail, staying up late coordinating your color schemes, trying to get your photographer to return your emails, and making your own floral arrangements.  Or, you could call us and let us take care of all of that for you.  

So all you need to do is show up on your wedding day full of love and joy and happiness.  

Because that is what a wedding should be all about.